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‘Movies made me murder’

A look at some high-profile cases in which people, who immerse themselves in horror imagery, ultimately feel compelled to commit the same aggressive crimes they viewed.

Sarah Edmondson and Ben Darrus, ‘Natural Born Killers’

After repeatedly watching Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers, Sarah Edmondson and Ben Darrus hopped in the car on March 6, 1995, and started a road trip that would quickly become a drug-fueled murder spree. Their rampage would ultimately pit writer John Grisham against Stone in a lawsuit that would go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today in Crime History: ‘Otaku Killer’ Tsutomu Miyazaki Kills his First Victim

Miyazaki killed four-year-old Mari Konno, on August 22, 1988, taking her into a park, photographing her, and strangling her. He would kill three more girls before being caught. This cannibalistic necrophile’s crimes were blamed on his unhealthy obsession with computers, animé, Japanese video games and slasher movies. A look at some other killers inspired by the movies.

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