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World’s worst nannies

Would you trust these people with your kids?

Accused Killer Nanny Pleads Not Guilty From Hospital Bed

Handcuffed to her bed with her hair bound up in a blue hairnet, alleged killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega pleaded not guilty to charges that she murdered two children left in her care.

Accused Killer Nanny Conscious in Hospital, Not Yet Charged in Deaths of Two Kids

Choosing a nanny is a stressful decision fraught with uncertainty and a smattering of parental guilt. Kevin and Marina Krim thought they had found a decent caregiver in Yoselyn Ortega until last week when Marina came home to find two of her children dead — allegedly at the hands of the woman who had been treated like one of the family.

Two 5-Year-Olds Drown in Pool, Nanny Arrested

Two 5-year-old girls drowned in a backyard swimming pool Sunday afternoon while the woman watching them talked on the phone, police say.

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