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Massachusettes Man Smashes Windshield with his Butt

The man in the car thought that the drugged out naked man running in circles in the road was funny, that is until the man launched himself “ass first” at the victim’s car. That’s when it went from funny to scary.

Kinky Sex Leads to Naked Rescue as Woman Found with Head Stuck in Stair Rails

A woman in Lipetsk, Russia, surprised neighbors and rescue workers alike when she was found on the stairwell of her apartment building buck naked with her head stuck between the stair rails.

Man Shows Up Naked to Propose — at the Wrong House

In what may be a case of mistaken identity, mistaken address, or mistaken vial of meds, Seminole County Florida man Thomas Edwards reportedly showed up at his girlfriend’s house to propose — except he was naked and it wasn’t her house, and the man in the home, who summoned police, did not know Edwards.

Police Chase of Drunk, Naked Ohio Man Ends in Neighbor’s Dryer

You never really know your neighbors until you find them naked and hiding from the law in your dryer. With this in mind, the events of the morning of Wednesday, May 29, 2013, would prove enlightening for the folks who live near Morse and Hutton Streets in Linwood, Ohio.

Report: Frat Boy Gets Drunk, Acts Like Drunken Frat Boy

They say that all stereotypes have some basis in truth or they wouldn’t have evolved into stereotypes. So the drunken, naked arrest of FAU Iota Nu frat member and former chapter president Alex Fanaian, would seem to prove.

Newark’s Mysterious Serial Streaker Apprehended

Residents of Newark, Delaware, can sleep easy knowing that police have apprehended the town’s "Naked Man," as elusive as Bigfoot, but much more active. Police belive he is responsible for a series of streakings that started in 2011. The mystery man is believed to be Jason Grubbs, arrested on April 20, 2013.

Cop Arrested for Standing Outside Naked

Newport News, Virginia, cop Christopher Roush, 41, was arrested by his own department for allegedly standing naked on a porch.

Violent, Naked Carnie Rampages Through Florida Home Pooping and Masturbating

You might not realize it, dear readers, but we here at the Crime Library tirelessly search the Internet each day to bring you the selection of compelling cases we do. So a case like this is for us truly a gift that makes the many offenses of other drugged-out, naked perpetrators seem lackluster by comparison — not that we’re condoning any sort of competition.

Man Stands His Ground Against Naked Burglar Choking Dog

Details are still emerging in the case of a Florida homeowner, who shot a nude assailant on his property, wounding him. Despite the bizarre circumstances, police have concluded that this is one "stand your ground" shooting that won’t be challenged in court.

Naked Christmas Car Thief Hid in Day Care Center

It was Christmas 2012, at about 1:30 in the afternoon and, luckily, The Ranch daycare center was closed and completely devoid of children when alleged naked-guy Brad Bell decided to take the tour.

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