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The CSI Syndrome

Jurors’ preconceptions can be as decisive to the outcome of a trial as the evidence presented. An examination of the CSI Syndrome, the theory that criminal procedural dramas like C.S.I. have affected not only the behavior of criminals, but also jurors who determine their innocence or guilt.

Blue on blue murder: Madness and betrayal in the NOPD

Officer Antoinette Frank stood in the cramped kitchen of the Kim Anh restaurant, where she moonlit as a security guard. The 9mm pistol clutched in her hand was pointed at the owner’s children, who were kneeling in terror on the floor. Frank fired nine rounds into them.

Safe Places: Only 62 Murders in ENTIRE COUNTRY of Scotland Last Year

Scotland had the fewest murders last year since 1976… and all but one case has a suspect identified.

Killed Over What?! More Lame Motives for Murder

Sex. Religion. Money. These are the sorts of topics that lead folks to murder. What about eggs and laundry? Just read on.

Killed Over What?! More of the Lamest Motives for Murder

In this day and age, being killed over a Facebook status doesn’t seem too far fetched. But for peeing off a balcony? A look at some of the lamest motives for murder.

Risk Assessment: Predicting Extreme Fatal Violence

Can we predict extreme fatal violence? An exploration of the causes behind incidents of mass murder.

Today in Crime History: Trial Begins for ‘Genius Killer’ Edward John Ruloff

January 4, 1871, saw the beginning of the trial of famed linguist Edward John Ruloff, accused of murder. Ruloff was sentenced to death and became the last person to be publicly hanged in New York. His unusually large brain remains on display.

Is the Zodiac Killer Alive and Well in California?

A new book by a former California Highway Patrol officer puts forth the theory that the infamous Zodiac serial killer, responsible for five unsolved murders in 1968 and 1969 San Francisco, is an old man, 91, who is currently living in Solano County. In addition to the murders, the Zodiac was known for taunting police [...]

William Balfour Found Guilty in Slayings of Jennifer Hudson’s Family Members

After 18 hours of deliberation, an Illinois jury has found William Balfour, 31, guilty on three counts of first-degree murder in the 2008 killings of singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew.

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