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The shotgun slaying of Bruce and Darlene Rouse

The American dream turned into a bloody nightmare for self-made millionaires Bruce and Darlene Rouse who were shot to death in their mansion while their three children slept. It would be 15 years before investigators’ hunches would pay off and bring the killer to justice.

Unchecked Aggression: The Story of Patrick Mackay

Patrick Mackay, a young London man who exhibited psychopathic tendencies at a very early age, was processed by the British health system frequently, but despite his violent behavior was always released where he grew into a predictable repeat killer, finally murdering a priest who had befriended him.

Britain’s Bizarre ‘Hair-in-Hand’ Murder Case

The brutal 2002 murder of Heather Barnett stymied British police for nearly a decade, until a morbid discovery in a 15th century Italian church gave them the break they needed.

What makes serial killers tick?

“It was an urge. … A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people — risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn’t take because they could lead to arrest.” — Edmund Kemper

Drug-sharing suburban teens face murder when one dies of overdose

Five Minnesota teens face murder charges after a 17-year-old girl died from an overdose from the experimental drug 25i-NBOMe in January.

Dennis Nilsen: A horrifying Englishman

At work on February 9, 1983, Dennis Nilsen told a co-worker, “If I’m not in tomorrow, I’ll either be ill, dead, or in jail.” They both laughed. Returning home that day Nilsen found police waiting for him at his flat. They had found human remains in the sewer pipes that could only have come from his unit. A search of Nilsen’s closet uncovered several bags of male remains in various stages of decomposition.

Joseph Banis, Jeffrey Mundt and the murder of James Carroll

It’s a case of he-said-he-said in which Joseph Banis and Jeffrey Mundt each accuse the other of killing drug dealer James Carroll in 2009, by stabbing him repeatedly and then shooting him after a night of meth-fueled group sex at the couple’s home.

Cannibalism and the strange case of Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was suspected in the disappearance of young Zachary Ramsay, but there was insufficient evidence to convict him. However, Bar-Jonah was sentenced to 130 years for child molestation and sexual assault. He died in prison in 2008.

Slideshow: Prisoners’ dilemma

Imprisonment may stop the criminal from threatening society, but it doesn’t stop the criminal. A look at some crimes that occurred behind the barbed-wire fences of the Big House.

Deborah Flores-Narvaez: Death of a Vegas showgirl

The talented and educated Debbie rekindled her on-again-off-again relationship with Vegas dancer Jason “Blu” Griffiths, who was convicted of her murder yesterday. Though there were warning signs, nobody guessed at the violence that lurked just below the surface. The case began on December 13, 2010, when police began to search for the missing dancer.

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