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Slideshow: Fire starters

Some people are fascinated with fire, others believe it will destroy the evidence of their crimes, still others use fire as a simple and direct way to express rage. A look in photos at some notable cases of attacks with fire, many of them fatal.

Automatism: The sleepwalker’s defense

On the night of May 23, 1987, Kenneth Parks got out of bed, into his car and drove about 14 miles to the home of his in-laws where he beat his mother-in-law to death with a tire iron. He later claimed to have been asleep the entire time, and to have no memory of it.

Slideshow: Lynn Turner

A look back at the parade of witnesses in the trial of black widow Lynn Turner. Her weapon of choice? Antifreeze.

Pretty… but deadly

Six beautiful young women who committed the ugliest of acts.

Slideshow: World’s worst roommates

Almost everyone has had a bad roommate. These roommates are worse…much worse.

Brian Jones, death of a Rolling Stone

On July 2, 1969, the body of rolling stone Brian Jones was discovered in his swimming pool. Was it an accidental drowning by misadventure, or a case of cold-blooded murder? A deathbed confession and suspicious circumstances suggest murder.

The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Three Girls Scouts are sexually assaulted and brutally murdered while camping in Oklahoma. An escaped inmate with a penchant for kidnapping, rape and women’s eyeglasses is charged with the crimes, but is acquitted when the physical evidence at the scene doesn’t match up.

Josh Rubin: A Brooklyn casualty

When Joshua Rubin disappeared on Halloween in 2011, the Brooklyn café owner’s friends and family mounted a frantic effort to find him, and the media joined in. Worried that he was lost and needed his medication, these concerned parties revealed his private medical information; open rumors about his financial problems and alleged involvement with drugs soon followed.

Vlado Taneski: A true crime writer who became a serial murderer

In a twist that’s stranger than fiction, respected Macedonian crime reporter Vlado Taneski was writing widely-read articles about a series of rapes and murders that he was committing himself.

Slideshow: Crimes of the Juggalos

Some hardcore fans of the horrorcore rap duo Insane Clown Posse have been linked to serious violent crimes. Are they taking the lyrics too literally?

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