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Slideshow: Personal fouls

It seems that being excellent at running and jumping doesn’t equal being good at avoiding legal trouble. A look at the arrest records of pro athletes in photos.

Slideshow: Meth madness

Methamphetamine, aka meth, crystal or crank is hyper-addictive by any name. It seems there is no limit to what users will do to get it, nor to the extreme behaviors its use can cause. A survey of some high-profile meth cases.

Slideshow: Respiratory arrest

Warning: Oxygen is very volatile.

Slideshow: Raising eyebrows

If eyebrows are the frames of the face, we’ve got a structural problem.

Slideshow: Mugshot model search

Some of the prettiest faces to ever pose for the police camera.

Arrest-aurant! Chefs Face Heat Outside the Kitchen

A look at the real-life legal problems of TV’s celebrity chefs.

Slideshow: Demotivators

They may claim to help you face your fear, find yourself and achieve inner peace, but they have problems of their own. A look in photos at some motivational speakers’ legal troubles.

Slideshow: Bad medicine

Real-life misfeasance, malfeasance, and mayhem of medical professionals.

Slideshow: Beauty queens in trouble

Concrete evidence that you can’t always rely on your good looks to get you out of trouble.

Slideshow: 12 best mustache mugshots

It’s Movember again, but something tells us these guys didn’t grow out their mustaches in the name of cancer research. These are the greatest whiskers, handlebars and lady-ticklers ever caught on police camera.

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