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Slideshow: Pretty but deadly

Pretty girls in ugly situations.

Slideshow: Home invasion

Often brutal and needlessly violent, a look at some high-profile home invasions that shocked the public and the communities in which they occurred.

Slideshow: The Fetish Files

People who let their freaky side out in public and got arrested for it.

Big Boned and Busted!

Our favorite plus-sized mugshots.

Slideshow: Seven Scary Facts About Huffing Paint

Readily available and easy to use, aerosol inhalants are the go-to choice for many looking for a quick high. Here are some side effects of huffing that are more serious than the obvious social stigma of having face full of paint like the Tin Woodman from The Wizard of Oz.

Slideshow: Beauty School Dropouts

Ma’am, step away from the eyeliner and put your hands on your head.

Slideshow: In-Flight Crime

Air rage, assault, drunk and disorderly, even murder; many of the crimes that happen down here also happen up there.

Slideshow: Reality Stars Arrested

You can love ‘em, you can hate ‘em, but they will not be ignored — either on or off camera. A look in photos at the legal run-ins of reality TV stars, from Little People Big World to the Biggest Loser.

Slideshow: Reality Stars Arrested

Sometimes, reality gets extra real for these contest winners, runners up, housewives and other quasi-celebrities.

Slideshow: Adventures in Cheerleading

A look in photos at cheerleaders who went dark-side.