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Slideshow: Drunk and ridiculous

Party too hardy, and this could be you.

Slideshow: Pot shots

Celebrities and common folk under arrest for smoking the reefer.

Slideshow: Couples in cuffs

Summer, the season of new love, nuptial love and the kind of love that gets you — arrested, but remember: As much fun as it may be, the couple that gets arrested together may not stay together.

Slideshow: Weave been arrested!

Perps arrested on charges of follicular recklessness.

Slideshow: Identifying marks

They say there are two kinds of people in the world: people with tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.

Slideshow: Personal fouls

It seems that being excellent at running and jumping doesn’t equal being good at avoiding legal trouble. A look at the arrest records of pro athletes in photos.

Slideshow: Meth madness

Methamphetamine, aka meth, crystal or crank is hyper-addictive by any name. It seems there is no limit to what users will do to get it, nor to the extreme behaviors its use can cause. A survey of some high-profile meth cases.

Slideshow: Respiratory arrest

Warning: Oxygen is very volatile.

Slideshow: Raising eyebrows

If eyebrows are the frames of the face, we’ve got a structural problem.

Slideshow: Mugshot model search

Some of the prettiest faces to ever pose for the police camera.