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Mugshot: Trending, Thick Brows

The thick brow has landed on fashion’s runways and is making its way to the lens of the police camera. Done correctly this new trend can make you look smart, engaging and interested.

Mugshot of the Day: Mad Bomber or Holiday Reveler?

Meet Charles French arrested in Orange County Florida for making/placing a destructive device and criminal mischief on July 4, 2013, after he allegedly threw a lit firework into a trashcan outside a gym.

Update: Victor Espinoza Sentenced for Nabbing, Sniffing Child

Victor Espinoza, featured in our Mugshot of the Day series in December 2012, pleaded guilty and was sentenced this week in a California Court. The corpulent Espinoza was accused of luring a ten-year-old-boy walking with a cousin in October 2012, and then grabbing and sniffing the screaming, struggling child, who managed to escape.

Mugshot of the Day: Gregory Aaron Kinsey, ‘Misunderstood’

Kinsey was arrested on June 26, 2013, in connection with the double murders of Nathan Young, 32, and Brandon Prince, 39, who were hacked to death with a machete in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Kinsey’s mother says he is "misunderstood."

Mugshot of the Day: Primitive Hunter-Gatherer or Spear Nut?

Jeffrey Jones, 56, was arrested on June 18, 2013, in Sacramento, California, after he allegedly speared a passing vehicle at the intersection of Auburn Boulevard and Annadale Lane at around 7:30 p.m. The spear reportedly hit the front fender and lodged in the car. No one was hurt.

Mugshot of the Day

Welcome to Monday. I’m sure this Louisiana woman, 50, looks just like many of us felt this morning — except that she got herself arrested.

Mugshot of the Day

In not so much a mug shot as perhaps a mood shot, we present Stephen Slone of Henderson County North Carolina, arrested on February 24, 2013, for — you guessed it — resisting arrest.

Mugshot of the Day

This man was arrested in April 2013 for using a stolen credit card at a local-area Walmart. The big question is: Will witnesses be able to pick him out of a lineup?

Mugshot of the Day

For today’s mugshot we present John Warren, 20, of Little Rock, Arkansas, arrested on March 26 for criminal attempt to forge prescription — we’re guessing it wasn’t for Rogaine.

Mugshot Makeover

In today’s Mugshot Makeover we present Latonya Powell of Tuscaloosa County Alabama, who went from weird on August 29, 2012, to wow on December 5, 2012.