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Mother Knows Best: The horrifying story of Theresa Jimmie Cross

Here’s the story of a mother who slowly tortured her two daughters to death, but not without the help of her two sons. You will not believe the details: She shoots and eventually burns one alive and forces the other into a life of prostitution and then starves her to death in a closet.

Teenager Chops Up and Dissects Mother Because He ‘Didn’t Like Her’

A Japanese newspaper has reported that a teenage son cut up his mother with a steak knife because, he reportedly said, he “didn’t like her.” He also told police that he cut up her body to learn about dissection, Japanese newspaper the Sankei reported.

Mom Accused of Chaining Up, Stabbing Son ‘Heard Voices’

A Lake Wales, Fla., mother is charged with attempted murder for an alleged Tuesday stabbing attack that left her 7-year-old son riddled with wounds. Investigators say Maisa Alvarez, 42, confessed in an interview that she heard voices telling her to kill her son. The boy survived, but in prior cases of mothers compelled to kill by voices and visions, the children weren’t so lucky.

Kids Found Alone With Mom’s Body, Boyfriend Charged

A Houston man is charged with murder and abandonment for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend Cecilia Sanders, 27, to death and leaving her two young daughters alone with her body. Sanders’ mother, worried after not hearing from her daughter all of Sunday, went to visit her Yale Street home. There, she found Sanders’ body next to a crib where 7-month-old Khya lay unharmed. Kymora, 3, was crying in a closet.

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