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Slideshow: Famous fugitives

Desperate men with nothing to lose — these are the most famous fugitives.

Top 10 fugitive destinations

Running to Mexico may be a no-brainer, but it’s also the first place Feds will look. Here is a list of some more creative destinations for fugitives from the law.

Top Ten Fugitive Destinations

The pros and cons of fugitives’ favoritie places to hide from the the long arm of the law.

Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Captured in Nicaragua

The FBI can cross another fugitive off of its Top Ten Most Wanted list. Accused child pornographer Eric Justin Toth, on the run since 2008, was captured in Nicaragua over the weekend.

Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested in Mexico

One of the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitives has been apprehended in Mexico, authorities say. Joe Saenz has been on the run since 1998 when he allegedly shot and killed two rival gang members in Los Angeles. Ten days later, police say Saenz kidnapped, raped and murdered Sigreta Hernandez, his girlfriend and the mother of his then two-year-old daughter.

U.S. Marshalls Close the Case on Most Wanted Fugitive

The remains found in Bath County Virgina earlier this monthe have been confirmed by DNA testing to belong to fugitive Beacher Hackney, who was wanted for a premeditated double homicide at his workplace in 2009.

Multiple Agencies Continue Manhunt for Kidnapper

Tennessee prosecutors have charged Adam Mayes with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of kidnapping. Mayes, still at large with two young girls in tow, has been added to the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list.

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