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Death of an Aerosol Huffer

Denise Marten seemed to be healthy and happy until a huffing addiction spiraled out of control taking her on a ride that ultimately cost her life. takes a look into the life and tragic death of a mom who became addicted to inhaling keyboard cleaner.

Party Friends Dump Woman’s Lifeless Body After Asthma Attack

A Georgia mom is furious after a group of friends her daughter was hanging out with failed to do anything to stop her from dying from an asthma attack. Instead they dumped her body and now they’re getting arrested.

British Thief Threatens to Unfriend Mom on Facebook

Canterbury, England, thief Charlie Cooper engaged in and then lost a rather amusing and dim-witted legal argument on Facebook with a newspaper that published a photo of him being arrested. But not before his mom got involved and he threatened to unfriend her.

The Tragic Murder of an American Mom in Turkey

Turkish police have a suspect in the bludgeoning murder of American tourist Sarai Sierra, but questions surrounding her untimely and tragic death are far from answered.