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Mark Berndt, a teacher playing sex games with kids

A Los Angeles elementary school teacher accused of playing weird sex games with unsuspecting kids might have gone undiscovered if it weren’t for an old-fashioned habit: In an age when many people shoot digital photos print them out themselves or just leave them on the computer, Mark Berndt took his photos to be developed.

Founder of Charity for At-Risk Youth Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

The town of Aurora, Co., is once again in the headlines, this time as the location for the arrest of Richard Koca, 69, the founder of StandUp for Kids, a not-for-profit volunteer organization that reaches out to homeless kids and teens. Koca is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a child.

Man Charged With Raping Baby

An Ohio man is behind bars, charged with rape of a child under 10. On Saturday, police and EMS arrived at a Ravenna Township home, responding to a report of an injured 15-month-old girl. When the baby was brought to Akron Children’s Hospital, medical staff determined that her injuries were the result of a sexual assault.

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