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Update: Escaped murderers captured in Florida

Two murder convicts who orchestrated their release from prison using forged documents are back under lock and key in Florida today after an extensive manhunt.

Forged documents get two killers accidentially freed from prison

A judge’s signature forged on court a court document meant two violent convicted killers got to walk out of a Florida prison. A manhunt for the men is underway.

Southern Australia Man Drove Someone Else’s Car Home — Oops

A man on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia in the small town Stansbury, population 543, reported his car stolen after he left it on July 18, 2013, parked outside a shop, with doors unlocked, keys in the ignition and the engine running.

Man Stole Human Ashes, Mistaking them for Cocaine

Nashville, Tennessee, man William “Billy” Cantrell, 28, may have though he found the mother lode after he allegedly burgled a neighbor’s home last week, taking a game controller and a box with a bag containing a white powdery substance that turns wasn’t cocaine.

Mistakes Made in the Manhunt for Christopher Dorner

When ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner declared the reasons for his crime spree in an 11,000 word manifesto, it was clear this story would shine a light on the entire law enforcement community – particularly the LAPD. What ensued over the next 10 days raised questions about the tactics of police forces across Southern California as various missteps were made during the investigation of an admittedly unprecedented and terrifying situation.

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