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Chase ends when suspect runs into police academy

Meet Roger Wayne Beasley Jr., 30, not the first person to flee from one cop only to run into building full of cops, nor probably the last, but that’s okay. It never gets old.

Mississippi madness: The story of Emmett Till

Emmett Till, a Chicago teenager who went to visit relatives in Mississippi and wound up lynched for whistling at a married white woman. His case would become a rallying symbol for thousands of Americans hungry for justice.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Shondra May

On February 4, 1986, 17-year-old Shondra May disappeared. Her ’85 Isuzu was found less than 100 yards away from her home in Scott County, Miss. A path of three footprints in the snow led out of the vehicle and then abruptly stopped. Three weeks later, on February 26, Shondra’s body was found, naked, bound with tape, and wrapped in garbage bags, floating in Baker Creek outside Bolton. It was her 18th birthday.

Today in Crime History: Vincent and Margaret Sherry are Murdered in Biloxi

On September 14, 1987, Biloxi judge Vincent Sherry and his politician wife, Margaret, were found murdered gangland style. The investigation took over ten years to unfold and revealed an intricate web connecting organized crime with elected officials that reached all the way to City Hall.

Charges Elevated Against Man on Meth who Set Dog on Fire

One bright spot in the sad story of Socks the Chihuahua, who died horribly as a result of being doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by his meth-head owner, is that charges against that owner, Brandon Pierce, have been elevated to felony-level charges.

Today in Crime History: Luke Woodham Opens Fire at Mississippi High School

A bullied teenager obsessed with Hitler, Luke Woodham was furious over being dumped by his girlfriend. On October 1, 1997, Luke killed his mother, then went to school, where he killed his ex and her friend and wounded seven others. Read about him and other school shooters.

Naked Man’s Activities Illustrate Important Rule in Meth Lab Security

Dancing naked by the side of a nearby roadway is a bad way to keep your meth lab secure, but a good way to get you all the unwanted attention of local police.

Arrest Made in Mississippi Highway Shootings Case

On Friday, frightened Mississippians were treated to two pieces of good news: that two recent highway killings were not committed by a man posing as a police officer, and that the man suspected of the murders had been taken into custody.

Mississippi Police Apprehend Fake Cop Suspect

After two mysterious roadside murders in a week, Mississippians have been on edge as speculation built that a killer posing as a police officer was to blame.

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