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Missing College Student Headed Home Never Got There

Matthew Royer a University of Rhode Island student left his on-campus apartment on Thursday evening around 6:30 p.m., May 16, 2013, and headed home in his car to Skippack Township Pennsylvania. He never made it. Police have been able to follow his trail, but it goes cold about 35 miles from his home.

Update: Missing Mother Jessica Heeringa

Jessica Heeringa, 25, was scheduled to close the Exxon station in North Shores, Michigan, where she was working alone late on Friday, April 26, 2013. She never closed, and has not been seen since. There were no security cameras at the gas station, so police are relying on the public for tips.

The Disturbing Case of Colorado’s Missing Models

A series of missing women’s cases has garnered national attention after the missing young would-be models were all found to have had profiles on modeling social networking sites.

Missing Teacher: Terrilynn Monette

Missing almost two weeks now, the search for Terrilynn Monette, a New Orleans second-grade teacher nominated for Teacher of the Year, continues, expanding to Bayous and ponds.

Cold Case Update: Carey Parker Missing Since 1991

Carey Parker’s family noticed that the mother of three was missing in March of 1991. On the Facebook page dedicated to the missing young woman her sister explains that through one misunderstanding or another the family thought that a missing person report had been filed for Carey — but it had not.

Missing: Lacey Brooks

Police and friends are searching for Los Angeles, Calif., woman Lacey Brooks, who has been missing since November 29, 2012. She was last seen leaving her father’s home in the Downey area of Los Angeles at 10:30 a.m., saying she was going for a walk. She left her cell phone, wallet and her dog behind.

Update: Soil Tests at Michigan Hoffa Search Site Come Back Negative

After a little digging and a little testing in Roseville, we still don’t know where Jimmy Hoffa is, but we’re pretty sure he’s not there..

More Body Parts Found in Missouri

After finding a human hand in June, officials in Jackson County, Mo., announced today that they have found a human foot along the Little Blue Trace Trail near Independence.

Missing Child Alert: Samantha Reyes Found Safe

Samantha Reyes, 14, was found today in Georgia after being missing for over two weeks, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Missing Child Update: Pierce Crowley Found Safe

Pierce Crowley, who had been missing since Friday, was found shortly after midnight this morning in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

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