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Hannah Anderson Rescued in Idaho Wilderness

A sharp-eyed retired sheriff’s instincts led to the rescue of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson over the weekend. After coming across her and James Lee DiMaggio on a back-country trail in the Idaho wilderness, 71-year-old  Mark John and his three horse-riding buddies thought something just didn’t seem right. The pair didn’t engage like most do along the hike and [...]

Today in Crime History: Katie Poirier is Abducted by Donald Blom

On May 26, 1999, Katie Poirier was reported missing from the convenience store where she worked. Once the surveillance video was reviewed, police were able to put clues together to help discover that the abductor was Donald Blom.

Missing Sick Girl is ‘Safe and Well’ in Mexico, Says Dad

The father of an 11-year-old who hasn’t been seen since her mother took her out of Phoenix Children’s Hospital prematurely told ABC that the child, who suffers from leukemia, is being treated in the family’s home country of Mexico. Luis Bracamontes would not reveal where his daughter is being treated, and authorities are still searching for the girl, who is susceptible to a deadly infection.

Critically Ill Arizona Girl Missing From Hospital

An 11-year-old girl is in danger of dying from an infection after her mother took her out of a Phoenix hospital prematurely. Emily Bracamontes has leukemia and has undergone a month of chemotherapy. Her mother, Norma Bracamontes, 35, was caught on security cameras on November 28 leading Emily, whose right arm has been amputated, out of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

FBI Assisting Local Police in Search for Missing Teen Skylar Neese

Star City, W. Va., girl Skylar Neese has been missing since July 7. This week, Star City Police Chief Vic Propst has confirmed that the FBI is assisting with the search, but added that they have been doing so for several weeks.

Missing Child Alert: Search for Skylar Neese Continues With Little Information

Yesterday, Star City Police Chief Vic Propst today that his department is now working with the Carolina Beach, N.C., police department after a possible sighting of Skylar in that area. There have been no new sightings since then, and the search for the missing girl, last seen one week ago, continues.

Missing Child Alert: Skylar Neese

Star City, W.V., police are searching for Skylar Neese, 16, who was last seen Friday. She is described as about 5’4″ or 5’5″ tall and around 130 to 140 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. In the two days before she was last seen, Skylar posted some tweets in which she sounded upset.

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