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Judge With Disruptive Cell Phone Finds Himself in Contempt

A judge in Ionia, Michigan, surpised the court and compelled himself to do the right thing after his cell phone disrupted court proceedings in his courtroom — he fined himself.

Police: Body Parts Found in Detroit Sewer Belong to Two Different Women

The DNA results are in and indicate that the two sets of cubed human remains found in sewers in Warren and Sterling Heights, Michigan, do not belong to the same person.

Convicted Serial Killer Catherine Wood’s Illegal Personal Ad

Convicted team serial killer Catherine Wood was in the news recently after she posted an illegal online dating profile in the hope of meeting someone new. As an inmate in Florida, Wood may have pen pals, but is prohibited from soliciting for pen pals. Her last great love cost five people their lives.

Manhunt Underway for Detroit Prisoner who Used Identity Scam to Escape

Authorities in Detroit are searching for Rocky Marquez, 34, who has escaped from prison by switching identity wristbands with a prisoner scheduled to be released on bond. On January 20, 2013, Marquez reportedly walked right out the front door of the Wayne County jail. Nobody noticed that he was missing for five days.

Mugshot of the Day

This unidentified Michigan woman, 30, was jailed on January 11, 2012, in advance of arraignment.

Police Consider Possibility of Serial Killer in Detroit

Authorities in Detroit announced on December 20, 2012, that they are considering the possibility of a serial killer in their area, after more cubes of human flesh were found in a local sewer.

Report: Roommates All Over Are Still Trying to Kill Each Other

A Michigan woman in accused of poisoning her roommate for being "mean, " an Alabama man stabbed and gutted his roommate, and a California pastor skewered his roommates genitals with a sword.

Michigan Artist Sentenced for Spray Painting State Capitol

In September, a Michigan State Trooper spotted some graffiti on the State Capitol in Lansing. On the war memorial were the spray-painted words “give art a chance” and the columns at the entrance to the Capitol building bore two crudely-drawn stick figures, one male and one female.

Two Found Dead in Search for Woman Missing After Online Date

Leigh Swanson was reported missing by family four days after she went on a date with a man she met online and never returned. During their investigation into her disappearance, Midland County, Mich., Sheriff’s deputies found two bodies, one of them belonging to Swanson.

Man Charged With Abuse for Letting Obese Wife Die in Filth

Michael Brooks, 37, of Michigan is facing a charge of second-degree abuse of a vulnerable adult for allegedly letting his injured, 400-pound wife die surrounded by maggots and waste. Yolanda Reese-Brooks, 40, had been bedridden after suffering a crushed pelvis and ruptured bladder as a result of a 2011 auto accident. Since the collision, her husband served as her primary caretaker, but, police say, had neglected Reese-Brooks for eight or nine days prior to her death.