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John Eric Armstrong: The model sailor

Serial killer John Eric Armstrong was caught by Detroit police when on April 12, 1989, he returned to the dumping ground they had staked out. Armstrong broke down quickly during questioning and began a confession that lasted for days. By the 14th of April he had confessed to over 30 murders around the world.

Owner’s mummified body found in foreclosed Detroit-area home

It seems that the nice German lady who lived on Savannah Drive in Pontiac, Michigan, stopped paying her mortgage about three to six years ago. Weirdly, it’s been years since anybody’s even seen her — until yesterday. A contractor who came to do some work on the foreclosed home, found her mummified remains in the garage.

Drunken gun ‘safety’ demo ends fatally

A man offering his girlfriend a demonstration of safe gun use, accidentally used a loaded weapon and shot himself in the head during his brief, though informative, presentation.

Cop finds pot den in elaborate ‘snow cave’ on college campus

A recent patrol of SVSU in Michigan yielded the following police blotter about a snow cave made by students, and it seems used for illicit recreational activities. Inside the cave, among the homey touches added by students, the officer found a hanging mirrored disco ball and three guys smoking pot. The incident is being handled internally by the university.

Missing woman’s YouTube videos are the only clues to her disappearance

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Videos Teleka Patrick posted last month now offer a look into her life before she went missing.

Three devious ne’er-do-wells pull off Christmas cookie caper

It is not unusual for people on a holiday tour to stuff a few extra cookies into their pockets while sipping complementary hot cider or cocoa. It is unusual, however, for (adult) tour-goers to premeditatedly distract an establishment’s owner so as to clean out the goody tray. But this crime may be even darker than that.

Today in Crime History: Danny Ranes is implicated in the murder of Linda Fearnow

From Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Ranes family produced two brothers who become serial killers at different times and under different circumstances, neither one knowing about the other. On October 18, 1972, a young man named Koster, a former partner in crime with Danny Ranes, made a plea deal, and led police the body of Linda Fearnow, implicating Ranes in the murder.

Michigan Police Searching for Silver-Spandex-Wearing Bandit

Police in Michigan are reaching out to the public for information about a suspect in connection with a series of home invasions, burglaries and larcenies in automobiles in Macomb County. They say the guy is committing these crimes while wearing a silver bodysuit. Thankfully, he does not seem to be carrying a mirrored disco ball or a ray gun.

Today in Crime History: Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa Disappears

On July 30, 1975, Jimmy Hoffa waited outside the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. He made a call from a nearby pay phone. He was last seen leaving in a maroon 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham. The mystery of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa is an enduring one that may remain unsolved.

Benjamin Tony Atkins, the ‘Woodward Corridor Killer’

This lesser-known serial killer has the dubious distinction of having killed the most in a short time. He killed 11 women in 9 months, prompting authorities in Detroit to collaborate with regional and federal authorities to stop him. To some Adkins’ story was almost as sad as those of the addicts and prostitutes that became his victims.