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Man Who Killed Family Over Paternity Test Sentenced to Death

Michael Barbar, the California man who killed his wife, Maysam, and daughter Tamara when he found out the 6-year-old girl was fathered by someone else was formally sentenced to death Friday.

Death Penalty for Man Who Killed Wife, Daughter Over Paternity Test Results

After two days of deliberations, a California jury has sentenced 55-year-old Michael Barbar to death for the brutal killings of his wife Maysam and her 6-year-old daughter Tamara, who Barbar thought was his child until a paternity test proved otherwise.

Death Penalty Phase Begins for Man Who Killed Wife, Daughter Over Paternity Test

Convicted of the 2009 murders of his wife and the 6-year-old girl he had been led to believe was his daughter, Michael Barbar was back in court today for the start of the penalty phase in which the same jury that found him guilty must decide if Barbar deserves to die for his crimes.

Man Kills Wife, Daughter After Paternity Test Proves He’s Not the Father

Friday the 13th was an unlucky day for 55-year-old Michael Barbar, who was convicted for the murders of his wife and the 6-year-old daughter he thought was his, until a paternity test revealed he was not the girl’s father. On July 30, the same jury will come back to the Riverside courtroom to determine whether Barbar’s crimes merit the death penalty.

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