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What to do if Your Friend Confesses Murder on Facebook

What should you do if your friend on Facebook posts a horrifying confession? Today we found a guide of Do’s and Don’ts if that should happen.

VIDEO: Guy With Half a Head Warns Against Impaired Driving

If you’ve spent much time online, odds are you’ve seen a photo of Carlos Sosa. The 27-year-old Miami man has a long rap sheet–he’s been arrested on charges including trespassing, marijuana possession and breach of peace–but it’s not the charges against him that are remarkable, it’s the fact that he only has half a head. In this video, an upbeat and remarkably functional Carlos recalls the accident that left him disfigured and, pulling on a blunt, warns others against drunk driving and “drugness” driving.

Police: Mom Offered Sex for Pay in Filthy House

After being tipped off by neighbors, police arranged a date between Renee Marie Garcia and an undercover officer. Garcia brought the officer to the home where she and Orellana lived with four children, aged between 7 and 13. There, according to police records, the officer saw a disturbing scene: the home was uniformly coated in filth, and the two boys and two girls were living among drug paraphernalia, garbage and mildew.