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Slideshow: Frequent flyers

A career in crime can give you one heck of a makeover. Witness the changing faces of some frequent arrestees over the years.

The verdict is in on the Yale prof who died in jail: Meth killed him

Samuel See died in lockup after an argument with his estranged husband got both men arrested a second time. Many of his friends, colleagues, and students were quick to blame the New Haven Police Department and the Connecticut State Marshals. It was easy to believe that See may have been the target of law enforcement [...]

‘Breaking Bad’ party contest winner busted on drug charges

Ryan Lee Carroll got to see the final episode of Breaking Bad before everyone else when he won a private viewing party invite with the cast in Hollywood. But now Carroll may be trying to keep the high going after the show’s conclusion: He and a buddy were arrested for drug possession and other charges in Florida.

Slideshow: Meth madness

Methamphetamine, aka meth, crystal or crank is hyper-addictive by any name. It seems there is no limit to what users will do to get it, nor to the extreme behaviors its use can cause. A survey of some high-profile meth cases.

Man Sentenced for Spiking Office Coffee Pot with Meth

This Montana man spiked the coffee pot at his office with methamphetamine after a coworker suggested he get a drug test.

Mayhem, Murder, Destitution: The Road of Meth Leads Nowhere Good

Many of the most shocking arrest reports tend to have a common thread: meth. The drug has been a factor in a bloody naked rampage, as well as a tragic murder-suicide that claimed two small children. Most addicts, however, never make the headlines, instead quietly wasting away, surviving from one hit to the next.

Woman Foiled in Attempt to Deliver ‘The Kiss of Meth’

Bride-to-be Brita West was arrested attempting to smuggle drugs into a county detention center on the day of her jailhouse wedding. Her intended delivery method? When asked to kiss the groom, she allegedly planned to slip him the package of meth she was holding in her mouth.

Chastity DuFour Allegedly Beats Toddler Blind

Chastity DuFour is accused of abusing her boyfriend’s son, 3, while he was in her care. The toddler was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on May 29 after suffering a seizure, and wound up in the ICU covered from head to toe with bruises, partially blinded, with retinal hemorrhaging and brain damage.

Woman Caught Cooking Meth in Purse at Walmart Has Been Arrested Again

The woman caught cooking meth in her purse at a Walmart while shoplifting has been identified, and arrested again.

What Else is New? Woman Busted for Cooking Meth Inside Walmart

For the third time in recent memory, a woman has been arrested for cooking up a batch of meth at a Walmart store. This time, a unnamed woman and a male companion were busted at store in Mehlville, Mo., last night.

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