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Woman denied ice cream torches beau’s car

Specifically, witnesses say, that the Jacksonville, Florida, woman in question was hotly denied a McDonald’s McFlurry by the man she was with, and expressed her discontent by dousing his car with gasoline and lighting it on fire. Sometimes standing between a woman her icy, creamy goodness can be hazardous to your health.

MacDonald’s patron given only one napkin with meal sues

An angry California man is suing MacDonald’s after he got gypped on his fair share of napkins. When he asked the server to remedy the situation, he claims to have been treated with prejudice, and is suing the restaurant chain to the tune of $1.5 million for causing him “undue mental anguish.”

Man Allegedly Pays for Sex With McDonald’s Meal

It does not seem like a fair trade. Police in Albuquerque say Donald Jones, 58, bought a prostitute a McDonald’s meal in exchange for sexual favors.

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