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Slideshow: Rough and tumble

Fingers, toes, ears …When physical altercations leave permanent physical damage.

UConn wins big, parties hard — again

As dozens of UConn students are arrested for breach of peace, interfering with police, vandalism, and inciting a riot following the Huskies 60-54 win over Kentucky for the NCAA championship, we take a look back at the mayhem surrounding the Huskies 2004 win over Georgia Tech.

Father arrested for biting off infant son’s nose

A teen father in California is behind bars for suspected child cruelty and aggravated mayhem after police say he bit off his one-month-old child’s nose, among other things.

Slideshow: Bad Santas

People dressed up as Father Christmas can get themselves into all kinds of trouble.

Slideshow: When animals turn to a life of crime

From the octopus that snatched a tourist’s camera, to the kangaroo that stalked women and approached them for sex, and even a shoplifting seagull; all the havoc and mayhem of animals turning to a life of crime.

Woman Accused of Attacking Daughter with Hedge Clipper

A Massachussets woman is facing a slew of serious charges after allegedly attacking her daughter with a pair of electric hedge clippers.

Woman Who Bit Off Boyfriend’s Testicles Back in Court

UK woman Maria Topp, who made headlines in February 2011 for biting off her boyfriend’s scrotum in a drunken domestic brawl, is back in the news again, this time for violating a restraining order.

MMA Fighter Accused of Murder & Mutilation Ruled Fit to Stand Trial

On March 21, 2010, police arrived at the home of mixed martial artist Jarrod Wyatt. What they found was a macabre scene: Wyatt’s friend and sparring partner Taylor Powell was dead — his still-beating heart had been ripped from his body by a berserk Wyatt.

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