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Man arrested for getting mail nude, shaking his junk

It was a lazy Oklahoma City morning when neighbors reported seeing a man walk out to his mailbox in the buff, get the mail, and then begin masturbating for all to see. The first act was reportedly witnessed by a woman and her three children, ages 6, 10 and 12, and the second by a boy, 14, and police.

Alleged arsonist was asked not to masturbate in open windows

Florida man Kenneth Haskins, 58, allegedly has developed a habit of pleasuring himself where he can be seen in public. Recently, he reportedly got a request from the management company of the apartment building where he has lived for the last ten years asking that he refrain from masturbating in open windows and doors for all to see.

Son of famous sex researcher pleads guilty to public masturbation

The son of a famous sex researcher has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor public lewdness for a May 9 incident in which a police officer saw him masturbating in Manhattan’s Central Park. By taking the guilty plea, William H. Masters III, 60, will avoid jail.

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