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Parakeet sucked into Shop-Vac

Okay, so no one got arrested and no one was killed, but we often bring you stories of weird accidents involving animals, and sometimes of horrific animal abuse. This report qualifies as a near-lethal, weird accident, and an good example of something never, ever to do to your bird.

Video: Baby dragged 100 feet by truck is unhurt

Ivianah Figueroa, only four months old, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is miraculously alive and unhurt after accidentally hitching a ride in her stroller Wednesday from a passing truck.

Amy Bishop, deadly professor

Anything but academic, a tenure dispute in Alabama became a blood bath when professor Amy Bishop opened fire at a faculty meeting on February 12, 2010. After the murders, further investigation into the 1986 "accidental" shooting death of her brother Seth, led to Bishop’s being indicted for murder in Massachusetts for that crime.

Woman arrested for stiffing cabbie of $1000 cab ride

Denise Rebelato, 31, arrived at JFK Wednesday from her native Brazil, and decided to take a taxi cab to her home in Framingham, Massachusetts, nearly 200 miles away. She hailed the cab of Adnan Chaudhury, and reportedly worked out a fare of $980 with him for the four-hour ride. When they got to her destination, she stiffed him.

The Boston Strangler

On December 5, 1962, the Strangler took the life of popular and attractive Sophie Clark, 21, his seventh victim. There would be thirteen victims before police would claim their man, Albert DeSalvo, and even then, a persuasive case to be made for his innocence.

Man says taking upskirt photos on subway is his First Amendment right

From our friends at The Daily Dot: Should the right to take upskirt photos of unsuspecting women on the subway be covered under the First Amendment? That’s what 31-year-old Andover, Mass. resident Michael Robertson is arguing.

Scary Mass. mother who burnt off son’s nipples and penis gets 30 years

In a crime reminiscent of the torture of Sylvia Likens, the mother of a male teen has been convicted of torturing him over the course of several weeks in 2013. Child services was notified of the abuse by a young relative of the family, who spent a weekend. Though permanently disfigured, unlike Likens, this victim survived.

Update: Would-Be Child Rapist and Cannibal Sentenced to 26 Years

Geoffrey Portway was sentenced to 26 years in prison Tuesday. His crime? Planning to abduct, rape, torture, kill and eat a child as part of a bizarre fetish fantasy. Police tracked him through his screen name “Fat Longpig.”

Today in Crime History: Philip Markoff Kills Himself

On August 15, 2010, one year after he was to have been married, accused Craigslist Killer Markoff was found dead of an apparent suicide in his cell.

Man Brags About Being Wanted Criminal to Undercover Cop

In our latest edition of How to Get Arrested — Fast we present a Massachusetts man who was so jazzed about being a wanted criminal that he just couldn’t keep it to himself.