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Daniel Remeta’s Road of Destruction

In 1985 mass murderer Remeta and his companions killed their way through the South, and then descended on Grainfield, Kan., like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, leaving death, pain and misery in their wake.

Trey Sesler: Mr. Anime, Mass Murderer

Trey Sesler was a big fan of Japanese animated films. Still living with his parents his life seemed to have stalled, but the young man won a modest amount of Internet fame for some reviews he posted on YouTube as “Mr. Anime.” Anime was not his only interest however; he had other things on his mind, namely murder.

VIDEO: Chardon Shooter Makes an Ass of Himself at Sentencing

Chardon High School Shooter T.J. Lane was sentenced on March 18, 2013, for the murders of three students in the school’s cafeteria. Families of the victims were given the opportunity to make statements to Lane, who didn’t miss a single opportunity to show the world how how pleased he is with himself,

Today in Crime History: Barry Loukaitis Goes on a Killing Spree

On February 2, 1996, Barry Loukaitis decided that it would be "fun" to enter his algebra class with a high-powered rifle, two pistols, seventy-eight rounds of ammunition and go on a killing spree. What turns kids into killers?

Today in Crime History: Jared Lee Loughner Opens Fire

On January, 8, 2011, Jared Lee Loughner went to a Safeway supermarket in Tuscon where his target, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was holding a meeting. He opened fire, critically injuring Giffords and killing six others, including a judge and a 9-year-old girl.

VIDEO: Dr. Michael Welner: ‘A Person Makes a Life Choice That at Some Point He is Going to Be a Mass Killer’

Dr. Welner, Forensic Psychologist and Chairman of the Forensic Panel, offers insight and hope regarding the Sandy Hook massacre on ABC’s popular show The View, discussing the role of guns, mental illness, the media and the individual, in cases of mass murder.

Triple Murder-Suicide in Colorado Leaves Four Dead

A chilling, and very short, 911 call was received, "’No, no, no,’ and then gunshots. … A male party then picks up the phone and says he’s going to kill himself. The dispatcher hears another gunshot."

Disgruntled Former Employee Shoots Co-Worker

A workplace-related dispute in New York erupted into mass shooting and homicide today when Jeffrey Johnson, 58, shot and killed Steven Ercolino, 41, the man who allegedly had him fired from his job at Hazan Import Corp. in 2011.

Prosecutors Request Institutionalization for Convicted Mass Murderer Breivik

Norwegian prosecutors have asked for convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik to be transferred to a mental institution, rather than face prison. It is likely, however, that the defense will dispute the request, because, as Breivik has stated in the past, he believes that putting his sanity on trial is the prosecution’s way of rendering his cause, and commitment to it, ridiculous.

Anders Behring Breivik: Norway’s Homegrown Terrorist

Norwegians were shaken to the core after Anders Behring Breivik went on a bombing and shooting rampage, leaving 77 of his fellow citizens dead. But he said the killings were necessary to save his homeland from an Islamic invasion.

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