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Criminal who taunted police on Facebook caught next day

July 23, 2014, Anne Arundel County police profile wanted criminal Roger Ray Ireland on social media. Later that day, Ireland himself chimes in on Facebook to taunt police, saying that they will never catch him. July 24, following up leads received from social media, detectives locate and arrest Ireland — priceless.

Friendly bulletproof-vest test results in murder charges

Today we bring you the story of a man so thrilled with his new bullet-proof vest that asked his friend to shoot him in the chest. We’ll never know if the vest would’ve failed or not, because the friend shot high, missed the vest entirely, and killed the man.

Video: Bank robber forgets to bring bag, drops cash, things go south from there

Apparently there are some days you just can’t rob a bank. The robber in this surveillance video forgot his bag, and perhaps even his gun, dropped the loot all over the floor, and made it out of the bank in time to slip on the ice.It only got worse from there.

The crimes of the Tri-State Gang

The story of the violent gang of Philadelphia mobsters, who terrorized Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, particularly the City of Richmond, in the early 1930s.

Defendant in Mother-Daughter Killings Takes Alford Plea

Wednesday, defendant Jason Scott accepted an Alford plea for the murders of Delores Dewitt and her daughter Ebony, and was sentenced to two life sentences with all but 85 years suspended. The Alford plea acknowledges the strength of the prosecution’s evidence, but is not a guilty plea. Scott will likely not face charges in three other murders. A look at the case of Maryland’s Mother-Daughter Killings.

Should Police Respond Differently to Suspects With Down Syndrome?

In January, Robert Ethan Saylor–a 26-year-old Maryland man with Down syndrome–was killed at a movie theatre after an altercation with three law enforcement officers.

Church Deacon Busted for Storing Child Porn on Verizon Online

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A church deacon was arrested in Baltimore this weekend after police found "numerous files of child pornography" in his Internet storage locker.

Man Accused of Starving Animals to Death Pleads Insanity

Brady Decker of Columbia, Maryland, is accused of animal cruelty after 40 dead animals including birds, cats, rabbits, a guinea pig and a snake, were found dead in the home he once shared with his wife, who was acquitted on all charges in 2012.

Serial Killer Spotlight: Hadden Clark

Hadden Clark is a cross-dressing serial killer, necrophile and cannibal. He was convicted of the murders of Michelle Dorr, 6, and Laura Houghteling, 23, though he has confessed to many more, and claims to have killed his first victim, another boy, at the age of 14, and covered it up with the help of his father.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Mary F. Kelly

On April 21, 1988, 28-year-old Mary Kelly left her home in Bel Air, Maryland, to meet a friend for drinks and never returned. Months later, a construction crew found her body in a wooded area. Her killer has never been found.

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