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Marybeth Tinning murdered all 9 of her children over 14 years

Tinning would come running into one of Schenectady’s trauma centers confused and hysterical, with a child cradled in her arms. Ultimately, all nine of Marybeth Tinning’s children died suddenly and without medical explanation. Some thought the problem was genetic, until her adopted child died, and the horrible truth about Tinning became clear.

Mothers who kill

Stories of mothers who kill their children for attention, or because they’re told to do so by demonic voices, or just because they want to get rid of them.

Today in Crime History: Killer Mom Marybeth Tinning Arrested

On February 5, 1986, Schenectady mom Marybeth Tinning was arrested and charged with killing her 4-month-old daughter, Tami Lynne. The girl was the ninth child mothered by Marybeth to die suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

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