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Interview With the Petoskey Batman, a Small-Town Superhero

Far from Gotham, Mark Wayne Williams patrols his Michigan town with a mission: to remind people that they, too, can play a role in preventing and reporting crime. Now, after his most recent arrest, Williams is facing serious prison time. Williams opens up to Crime Library about his case, his views and law and justice, and why he does what he does.

Petoskey Batman Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Charge

Mark Wayne Williams, a man better known as ‘Batman’ in the Northern Michigan town of Petoskey, pleaded not guilty today to a felony charge of obstructing police in an investigation. The charge stems from a September incident in which police arrived at an auto accident where one of the drivers had fled the scene, and were using the help of a canine to track down the offending vehicle. By the time they got there, cops say Williams was already on the scene, dressed as Batman.

Petoskey Batman Strikes Again, Charged With Obstructing Police

Every town needs a superhero, and Petoskey, Mich., is blessed with Mark Wayne Williams, 33. Dubbing himself the Petoskey Batman, Williams spends his nights, according to his Facebook page, “fighting Petoskey’s crime and bringing real criminals to justice.” Police aren’t always on board with Williams’ noble cause, however. On Saturday, Williams was arrested for allegedly interfering with police in an investigation.

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