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The murder of Lori Hacking

Lori Hacking was reported missing on July 19, 2004. According to her husband, Mark, she woke at 5:30 a.m. and drove from her home in Salt Lake City to a local park where she liked to jog. Mark said he was expecting Lori, who was five weeks pregnant, to wake him on her return, but the 27-year-old never came back and never showed up for work.

Today in Crime History: Mark Hacking Confesses to Killing His Wife

On July 24, 2004, Mark Hacking told his brothers that he murdered his pregnant wife Lori because she caught him in a lie. He had told her so many lies that admitting to one would have unraveled his tapestry of deceit. In the end it was easier to kill her than to face her.

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