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Canadian inventors present ‘Cannabix Breathalyzer’ for pot DUIs

It was inevitable as the legalization of marijuana proceeds apace, that someone would decide that law enforcement needed a toy to measure marijuana intoxication. Because it supposedly detects accurate levels of THC on the spot, its inventors hope it will help police keep roads safe from those who toke and drive.

Man in drug-themed t-shirt arrested for drug trafficking

Meet Andrew Anderson, an ideal poster boy for an anti-drug-abuse campaign. After a traffic stop in which police found pot and cash, and a search of his home in which they found pot and drug paraphernalia, Anderson sports a classic stoner t-shirt and facial expression to match this June 5, 2014, mugshot.

Men arrested for dragging leashed boy 3, and getting stoned

On Tuesday, horrified pedestrians and motorists watch as two men dragged a toddler on a makeshift leash and harness, across a busy highway and tied him to a tree. Having arrived at their destination, the two men sat down, lit a pipe and started to smoke.

Slideshow: Pot shots

Celebrities and common folk under arrest for smoking the reefer.

Cop finds pot den in elaborate ‘snow cave’ on college campus

A recent patrol of SVSU in Michigan yielded the following police blotter about a snow cave made by students, and it seems used for illicit recreational activities. Inside the cave, among the homey touches added by students, the officer found a hanging mirrored disco ball and three guys smoking pot. The incident is being handled internally by the university.

Dan Rather goes to California, is shocked by pot plants the size of “giant Christmas trees”

Dan Rather has an interesting post today on Huffington Post talking about illegal pot farms in Northern California. He goes on a ride-along with a raid of one of the farms growing “super-mega-steroid marijuana plants” that grow as high as 15 feet. Rather describes finding foreign criminals operating giant-scale pot farms illegally, often on public [...]

Kid ‘Grounded Forever’ for Smoking Pot in Bedroom

A kid who smoked pot in his bedroom is discovered by his parents. What’s unique? He’s on a groupchat with his friends who record the entire confrontation and then post on Youtube.

Cop’s Flatulence Leads Police to Huge Pot Growing Operation

Though no one is officially calling it Operation Silent But Deadly, police sources have confirmed that the overwhelming gassiness of one unnamed officer in Leicester, England, is being credited with a huge pot bust.

America’s Dumbest Weed Grower Arrested for How-To Videos

From our friends at the Daily Dot: A New Hampshire man was arrested for growing marijuana on Wednesday after posting video documentation of his budding collection to YouTube.

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