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Daniel Chong spent 5 days forgotten by DEA in cell; awarded $4M

An American horror story occurred in a DEA holding cell where Daniel Chong was forgotten for nearly five days. He drank his own urine to survive and says his screams were heard but unanswered.

Elusive bandits broke in, smoked, and dye hair red

Whoever these unknown perpetrators are, police say there is no evidence that they are adolescent girls who simply found an empty house to hang-out in for Thanksgiving. There is also no evidence that the perpetrators were braiding each other’s hair at the time, and talking about boys.

Seattle PD Blotter: ‘Thrift stores cannot resell your giant bags of weed’

In its continuing efforts to be both helpful and informative, the Seattle PD has issued a public service announcement that discourages people from donating copious amounts of unused/unwanted marijuana. The PSA does not mention donation of small bags of pot, so that may still be okay… in Seattle.

Video: Bunch of Kids Escape Pot-Smoking Parachute

A lone officer is quietly investigating a large parachute full of college kids probably smoking a ton of marijuana inside. When the investigation turns into a single-handed raid… well, you’ll see what happens.

Dad Who Left Baby to Bake in Truck May Have Been Baked Himself

David Seimon told deputies that he locked his 5-month-old daughter in a hot truck on purpose, and that he would have left his son, 2, there with her, if the boy didn’t have the habit of getting “into things in the vehicle.”

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