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Map: Murder in America from 1960 to 2010

Last summer the Atlantic Wire developed two animated maps depicting murder and non-negligent homicide across the U.S. by state for the last 50 years. The data was gleaned from the FBI, and shows the highest rate in black, and the lowest in white. The first map shows the changing rates by state, the second by state population.

Life and Death: A real-time map of world birth and death

Here at Crime Library we are acutely aware of the fact that people die every day, some from natural causes, but others from foul play, the most famous of their stories filling our pages. Life, however, happens too and watching it wink in and out all over the globe conveys so much more than the map’s creator ever intended.

Website Catalogs Celebrity Death Locations on Google Street View

For those who like maps and morbid stuff (and who doesn’t?) a website titled simply Famous Death Locations is the place to be. It offers visitors a Google Street View trip to the addresses where 34 famous people took their last breaths.

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