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DNA Database of British Felines Helps Convict Killer

In a breakthrough moment in the history of criminal investigation, police in England solved a murder with the help of a shiny new DNA database of British felines — yup, the bad guy was collared by his own cat’s fur.

Man Sentenced in Teen’s Birthday Party Burning Death

At his 18th birthday party, Stephen Simpson suffered a horrible fate. The awkward young man, who had Asperger’s Syndrome and difficulties with learning and speech, invited guests to celebrate his big day at his flat in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England. What he’d hoped would be a fun time with friends became a night of taunting, harassment and deadly injury for Stephen.

Woman Convicted of Killing Neighbor Over Noise Complaint

A Schenectady woman has been convicted of stabbing her neighbor to death. Last December, Tina Karuzas, 28, was having a little party in her second-floor apartment. Downstairs neighbor Latoya Ebron, 26, got sick of the noise and came up to demand that Karuzas turn down the music. When Karuzas didn’t comply, Ebron returned and the two women started arguing. Police say Karuzas stabbed Ebron once in the stomach, killing her.

Teen Pleads Guilty in Death of Newborn

An 18-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of 2nd degree manslaughter in the death of her newborn child. Katelynn Teague of Paducah, Ky., was charged with murder in February, three months after police made a grisly discovery in the home she shared with her mother.

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