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Hospital apologizes ‘unreservedly’ to man given accidental vasectomy

The actual quote, reportedly spoken by Dr. Peter Williams, Medical Director of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital is, “We have apologized unreservedly to the patient and we are offering him our full support.” The patient, however, may want a whole lot more than support.

Lawsuit: Gynecologist sprayed drain cleaner in patient’s vagina

Akron, Ohio, gynecologist Dr. John Black is being sued after a patient claims that a routine yearly check up became a painful, disfiguring experience that wound up in the local emergency room. The woman was reportedly undergoing a routine pelvic exam when the doctor reportedly reached for a spray bottle marked vinegar, and sprayed the substance onto her sex organs into her vaginal canal.

First Do No Harm: Healthcare Pros Who Didn’t Heed the Creed

It takes years of hard work and sacrifice to become a doctor. But even though the job is to heal suffering, it doesn’t make you a saint. The following is a group of healthcare professionals whose infirmities might be better cured with time behind bars than conventional medicine.

Health Officials: Dentist Exposed 7,000 Patients to HIV and Hep B & C

Health officials in Tulsa are warning the public that 7,000 patients of a local oral surgeon, were exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C due to the practice’s inadequate sterilization procedures. Who ever said dentists were boring?

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