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Hearing date set for Canadian Psycho; Trial in 2014

  Luka Magnotta, the so-called Canadian Psycho, will next appear in a Montreal court on October 9, 2013. Magnotta killed and dismembered Chinese university student Jun Lin and then mailed his body parts all over the country — including to the offices of Canadian elected officials. Lawyers requested the hearing to discuss evidentiary and scheduling [...]

VIDEO: Canada’s Accused Cannibal Auditions for Reality Show

Before he gained infamy as an accused killer and cannibal who allegedly mailed his victim’s body parts to elementary schools and political parties across Canda, Luka Rocco Magnotta was just one of thousands of modeling hopefuls trying to make it big on the small screen. Below, watch Luka’s audition for the Canadian TV show Cover [...]

Murder, Erotic Obsession & Social Media

Mass murderer James Holmes and homicidal cannibal Luka Magnotta have legions of fans. Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Though there have always been those infatuated with killers — serial killer Ted Bundy was bombarded daily with love letters — it seems that social media has taken what was rare quirk into the mainstream.

Judge Rules ‘Canadian Psycho’ Must Stand Trial

After hearing from more than 30 witnesses over several weeks, Judge Lori-Renee Weitzman has ruled that Luka Magnotta will stand trial for the grisly murder and dismemberment of college student Jun Lin.

‘Canadian Psycho’ was Previously Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

A newly-released document reveals that "Canadian Psycho" Luka Magnotta was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia years before he allegedly killed, dismembered and mailed parts of Jun Lin across Canada.

Preliminary Hearing Begins in Case of ‘Canadian Psycho’ Luka Magnotta

The next act in the “Canadian Psycho” drama that has riveted Canada (and much of the western world) opened Tuesday as Luka Magnotta’s preliminary hearing began in a Montreal courtroom. Magnotta, a former porn actor, is accused of last year’s savage murder of Chinese foreign exchange student Jun Lin.

Head Found in Montreal Park Belongs to Magnotta Victim

Acting on a tip last Sunday, police found a human head in Montreal’s Angrignon Park, just a few miles from Luka Magnotta’s apartment. Speculation ran rampant that the head was the final piece of Jun Lin, the Chinese student Magnotta viciously hacked to death in late May. On Wednesday, investigators confirmed that forensic testing proved the head was Lin’s.

Surprise Court Apperance by Luka Magnotta

The Thursday hearing for alleged “Canadian Psycho” killer Luka Magnotta held a few surprises: the defense did not demand their client be examined by a psychiatrist… and Magnotta himself appeared in court.

Luka Magnotta Extradited to Canada, Pleads Not Guilty

"Canadian Psycho" Luka Magnotta was flown back to Montreal from Berlin on Monday. He made his first court appearance via video-conference on Tuesday.

Body Parts Mailed to Schools Belonged to Magnotta Victim, Authorities Confirm

Authorities always suspected that the severed foot and hand sent to two Vancouver schools belonged to Jun Lin, the Chinese student brutally murdered by “Canadian Psycho” Luka Magnotta. DNA test results released on Wednesday confirmed it.

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