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Joseph Banis, Jeffrey Mundt and the murder of James Carroll

It’s a case of he-said-he-said in which Joseph Banis and Jeffrey Mundt each accuse the other of killing drug dealer James Carroll in 2009, by stabbing him repeatedly and then shooting him after a night of meth-fueled group sex at the couple’s home.

Thomas Montgomery’s bizarre online love triangle

Six years ago Thomas Montgomery was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a co-worker in a fit of jealousy over a woman he had only ever met online. A woman he had never even seen, who had lied to him about everything … just as he had to her.

Lesbian Love Triangle Leaves Brandy Stevens-Rosine Dead

A lesbian couple in Pennsylvania has admitted to burying a young, vibrant woman alive in a shallow grave.

All’s Bear in Love and War

Have you ever been so desperately in love that you just couldn’t handle it? Your heart, your brain and your body are going haywire, so you go into full-on fight or flight mode, call off your engagement and go live in a tree. Meet Christopher Hall, who experienced all of this, and then it got worse.

Watch: Jealous Wife Throws Husband’s Lover off Cliff

Renzo Zanabria Huanca was allegedly having an affair with Sandra Bruna Morales behind his wife’s back. In January 2013 his wife, Lisset Lupo Mamani, had had enough and decided to act. She surprised the couple in Arequipa, Peru, grabbed her rival by the hair, dragged her to the edge of a cliff and threw her off.

Police: Family Planned to Cut Off Woman’s Fingers

It seems that Ohio woman Brittany Rager had the misfortune of being John Gulley’s newest romantic interest. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t break up with Sheena Moore beforehand. Given what happened, it is unlikely that breaking up with Moore would have prevented what happened.

Accused Love Triangle Killers Won’t Face Death Penalty

Ashley Barber and Jade Olmstead have been arraigned for the murder of Brandy Stevens-Rosine, popular college student and Olmstead’s former flame. The couple confessed at a preliminary hearing and revealed the horrific details of the murder. Now the prosecutor has determined that the murder, though brutal, was not heinous enough to warrant seeking the death penalty.

Police: Lesbian Couple Confessed to Beating, Burying Ex Alive

Pennsylvania State Police say lovers Jade Olmstead, 18, and Ashley Barber, 20, confessed to the May murder of Brandy Stevens, 20. Stevens’ remains were discovered in a shallow grave near a house in Wayne Township.

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