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Spotlight: The women on Louisiana’s death row

In an ongoing feature, Crime Library will shed a light on the women spending the rest of their lives on death row in prisons across America. These are the two women awaiting execution at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women in St. Gabriel.

Photo: Full body scan foils inmate with phone up his butt

In all honesty, there aren’t a whole lot of places for a guy in prison to stash his valuables, and jailers pretty much know where to look.

Blue on blue murder: Madness and betrayal in the NOPD

Officer Antoinette Frank stood in the cramped kitchen of the Kim Anh restaurant, where she moonlit as a security guard. The 9mm pistol clutched in her hand was pointed at the owner’s children, who were kneeling in terror on the floor. Frank fired nine rounds into them.

Butt shooting victim arrested when surgeon finds coke in his crack

A Louisiana man found shot in the butt over the weekend clenched inordinately, it turns out, as paramedics got him into the ambulance. No one thought too much of it, considering the location of the bullet wound. The surgeon, however, found well more than a bullet when he got the man on the operating table.

Today in Crime History: Sniper Mark Essex’s rampage comes to an end

Young Black Panther and Muslim-convert Essex went on a hate-fueled murderous shooting rampage in New Orleans on December 31, 1972, and again at a Howard Johnson Hotel on January 7, 1973, killing nine and injuring 13. Gunned down by police, he would become an inspiration to D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammed 30 years later.

Mugshot of the Day: Elf parties too hardy, arrested for OWI

A decidedly un-merry-looking Brandon Touchet, 34, of Lafayette, Louisiana, was arrested when cops caught him allegedly driving 60 mph in a 40 mph zone, reeking of booze and dressed like an elf.

Derrick Todd Lee, the Baton Rouge Serial Killer

A flawed FBI profile in the case of The Baton Rouge Killer, known for targeting beautiful women and abducting them from their homes, derailed big agencies participating in the investigation. Local police identified the serial killer correctly, but it would ultimately take DNA analysis, and at least seven murders before the case would be solved.

Safe Places: Only 62 Murders in ENTIRE COUNTRY of Scotland Last Year

Scotland had the fewest murders last year since 1976… and all but one case has a suspect identified.

Mark Essex, the Howard Johnson Sniper

Mark Essex, a member of the Black Panthers, gunned down 19 people, including 10 police officers, in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve, 1972. He was one of the inspirations for Washington D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammed 30 years later. The New Orleans police, assisted by firemen and Marines stopped the massacre in a daring helicopter shootout on the roof of the Howard Johnson hotel.

The Brutal Murder of Genore Guillory

Good neighbor Guillory was brutally murdered by the white trash family that she often helped.

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