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Harvey Murray Glatman, the First of the Signature Killers

On September 18, 1959, serial killer Harvey Glatman was put to death in the gas chamber at San Quentin State Prison. During his run as a serial killer, Glatman lured aspiring models to his apartment with the promise of work. then photographed their torturous deaths.

Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, Lonely Hearts Killers

On August 14, 1948, Fernandez married Myrtle Young, while a jealous Beck posed as his sister. Young was penniless and dead within days, the marriage never consummated. This is the story of a desperately lonely overweight Beck, who fell for Fernandez, a man who robbed and murdered women that he met through the personals.

Today in Crime History: Nannie Doss Pleads Guilty

On May 17, 1985, Nannie Doss pleaded guilty before her trial date which was set for June 2nd. Nannie murdered her husbands and children with rat poison.

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