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Jack the Ripper

The latest of many theories as to the identity of historic serial killer Jack the Ripper implicates Lizzie Williams, the wife of physician and Ripper suspect Sir John Williams, in the infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888. This case has captured the public’s imagination ever since Jack disappeared after brutally slaughtering five English prostitutes, all the while taunting investigators from Scotland Yard.

Inside the Elm Guest House: How the British elite’s pedophilia sex abuse den operated for years

The Elm Guest House pedophilia scandal may have taken place 30 years ago. But much to the surprise of the perpetrators, the case is being prosecuted fully. Britain’s pedophiles who abused children in a house in West London, ranging from prominent members of society to member of parliament, are being routed out from their hiding places and prosecuted.

Islamist killers on trial in London for running over and then hacking up soldier

The killing of a British soldier on the streets of London in broad daylight unsettled a nation. When it was determined that the alleged killers were Al Qaeda sympathizers, it unsettled the world. Now the two Islamists are on trial for murder. On May 22, 2013, 25-year-old Lee Rigby, a drummer and machine-gunner in the [...]

The murderer of Carole Waugh faces justice

Carole Waugh was a fun, successful woman living a life a little on the edge. So, she may have been a high-end escort, but she had been a successful oil executive too. She was universally loved. She lived in London and enjoyed a life of luxury. And it was that life of luxury that a con man, Rakesh Bhayani, decided he wanted for himself. And he wanted it so badly that he killed her.

Financial planner on trial for bludgeoning client to death with briefcase

The trial of David Jeffs is underway in London and the case has us fascinated. Jeffs allegedly stole $343,000 from gay socialite Roberto Troyan (pictured), then squandered it on fancy cars, cocaine and strippers. According to prosecutors, Troyan confronted Jeffs but before he could contact authorities, Jeffs beat him death with a briefcase.

Jack the Ripper

August 7, 1888, marked the beginning of the investigation into the infamous and terrifying ripper killings with the murder of Martha Tabram, stabbed 39 times. Exactly who the first Ripper victim was is still hotly debated, as well as this brutal killer’s identity. The infamous Whitechapel murders, as they are also known, remain officially unsolved to this day.

Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen’s Old Flat for Sale — at a Steal

As authorities in Cleveland, Ohio, demolish the home where Ariel Castro held three women captive for over a decade, the owners of the London, England, apartment, in which serial killer Dennis Nilsen killed three, plan to sell it.

Today in Crime History: Barry George Convicted in Murder of Jill Dando

On July 2, 2001, the jury returned after five days of deliberation, and convicted Barry Michael George for the murder of the BBC’s Sunshine Girl, Jill Dando. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Coroner’s Verdict: Cocaine Killed Dead American Billionaire

The circumstances surrounding the death of Eva Rausing, whose husband Hans Rausing is a heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune, could not have been more bizarre. After police arrested Hans Rausing for an unrelated offense, he confessed to having lived in the same room as Eva Rausing’s corpse for weeks instead of reporting her death.

Heiress Found Dead, Husband Arrested

Eva Rausing was found dead in her London home after police searched the residence in connection with her husband, billionaire Hans Kristian Rausing, being suspected of illegal drug possession.

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