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Ten things not to have in your car when you pass out drunk with the engine on

Antwane Burrise of Stockton, California, a convicted felon on searchable probation, found out the hard way that there are some things you just don’t want cops to find in your possession when you’re passed-out drunk behind the wheel of your car with the engine running. A fully loaded AK-47, for example.

Five Things Not to Do With Your Baby

There are a lot of things you can do with your baby. You can dress him up as a pumpkin, tickle his feet, feed him mashed carrots and take him for runs in one of those all-terrain strollers. There are also a lot of things you should never, ever do with your baby. These are five of those things.

Five Inmates on Suicide Watch Who Killed Themselves Anyway

When jail authorities believe an inmate is a danger to him or herself, the inmate is placed on suicide watch. Clothing that could be used as a noose is replaced with a paper smock, and guards frequently check in on the inmate. Despite these precautions, inmates intent on ending their lives often manage to succeed.

First Do No Harm: Healthcare Pros Who Didn’t Heed the Creed

It takes years of hard work and sacrifice to become a doctor. But even though the job is to heal suffering, it doesn’t make you a saint. The following is a group of healthcare professionals whose infirmities might be better cured with time behind bars than conventional medicine.

Thirteen Popular Misconceptions About Serial Killers

Are serial killers strange loners or do they hide in plain site? Are they crazy evil geniuses who can’t stop killing, or are these popular impressions incorrect? Test your knowledge; a look at some common misconceptions about these killers.

Five Weird Spy Deaths That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Found stuffed in a gym bag, wearing a radiation suit, shot with an umbrella gun. A review of some of the strangest deaths involving spies.

Five Serial Killer Alter Egos

Inventing an evil alter ego is not uncommon for serial killers, in fact some of the most famous ones have claimed that one or more persons living inside them either made them kill, or actually did the killing. Most, however, who tried this multiple personality defense, abandoned it, after discovering that this particular brand of crazy doesn’t get them off the hook.

Twelve Legal Terms Every Crime Buff Should Know

Felony murder, mayhem, Corpus Delicti, and others; ever wonder what they mean? Here’s a quick and handy reference for everyone, along with some high-profile cases that relate.

VIDEO: Top Ten Things Not to Do if You’re Arrested

A list of things you should avoid doing if you are facing an arrest, ranging from the more obvious like Do Not Run, to less obvious advice on how not to handle police at your door.

Kardashians Join List of Celebrity Swatting Victims

Remember a more innocent age where kids would prank people by ordering unwanted pizzas to their door? Today’s equivalent is a lot more dangerous: “Swatting” — fake 911 calls that send SWAT teams on false alarms to the homes of celebrities.

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