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Five people who played Russian roulette and lost

A look at five cases involving Russian roulette, the deadly game of chance in which a player spins the partially loaded barrel of a revolver, then places the gun to his head and fires.

School district apologizes for anti-bullying flyer

The public school system in Lincoln, Nebraska, has publicly apologized for the content of the following anti-bullying flyer that was sent home with fifth graders from the Zeman Elementary School in time for Easter. The nine item flyer on “turning bullies into buddies” contains breathtakingly bad advice like “Do not tell on bullies” — because bullies hate that, don’t ya know.

Slideshow: Top ten deadliest cults

Cults that ripped themselves apart with torture, murder and suicide.

Probation for manslaughter, a year for a beer, and other outrageous sentences

At its best, the justice system metes out a punishment that fits the crime. But lawmakers, judges, and parole boards are human. And sometimes human beings make mistakes. What follows are 10 such cases: 5 times the system may have gone overboard — and 5 where the sentence might not have been harsh enough…

Saudi Arabia releases official list of banned names

The Saudi interior ministry released a list of first names that are now banned in that county. The ministry reportedly says that it banned names it deems counter to Saudi culture, blasphemous, “inappropriate,” or just “foreign.” Names included are Alice, Lauren and Sandy, no doubt wildly popular in the Arab world.

Five things we know about missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

There is still much authorities do not know about what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Here’s a look at what we do know, as the search for the missing airliner continues.

Death at the gun range: Five firearm deaths in firearm-friendly environments

In the ongoing gun control debate, the same argument often comes up: nobody gets shot at the gun range. Here are five incidents of deaths, both accidental and intentional, at gun ranges across the U.S.

Snow day? Check out these top photo features before you do anything else

Parts of the world are experiencing severe weather today. Our recommendation is for extreme indoor activities like reading these fascinating photo-stories on before you go outside.

Six reasons 2014 will be better than 2013

From global warming, to legalized marijuana to eating your own placenta, we here at Crime Library look back at the old year and ahead to the new, which promises to be bolder, brighter, and of course, much, much better.

The best weird crimes of 2013

Strange and disturbing, yet oddly compelling, these are the seven weirdest crimes of the year.

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