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Joseph Banis Gets Life for the Murder of James Carroll

Joseph Banis was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the December 2009 murder of his drug dealer and sexual rival James Carroll, who was stabbed and shot during a drug-fueled ménage à trois with Banis and his ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Mundt.

Joseph Banis, Jeffrey Mundt and the Murder of James Carroll

When a meth-and-gay-sex binge turned violent it left one man dead. The men he’d allegedly been selling drugs to buried him in their wine cellar — but they each insist it was the other one who committed the murder.

Are Those Who Use The ‘Gay Panic Defense’ Homosexual Themselves?

The so-called “gay panic” defense has been used in trials that involve the murder or assault of a gay person by someone who acted violently in response to the victim’s alleged advances.

Today in Crime History: The Freeway Killer Takes his 17th and 18th Victims

On April 10, 1980, William Bonin abducted and killed Steven Wood, 16, of Bellflower, California, and Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18, of Long Beach; they were found sexually assaulted, strangled and dumped liked the others. A prosecutor once said of Bonin and his crimes, "He was impassioned about what he did. He loved it."

Spotlight: Killer Teen Couples

On March 25, 2004, a jury found Sharon Patterson and Larketa Collier guilty of brutally slaughtering Collier’s grandmother. An apparent case of love turned to murder. Two tales of gay teen couples, who killed their grandparents for interfering with their love.

Teacher Arrested for Infecting 50 Men with HIV

An elementary school teacher in Taiwan was arrested after authorities alleged that he held male homosexual orgies, promising attendees drugs like ketamine — that’s not why they arrested him though.

Convicted Serial Killer Catherine Wood’s Illegal Personal Ad

Convicted team serial killer Catherine Wood was in the news recently after she posted an illegal online dating profile in the hope of meeting someone new. As an inmate in Florida, Wood may have pen pals, but is prohibited from soliciting for pen pals. Her last great love cost five people their lives.

Do Murderers Deserve to Have Sex Behind Bars? A Look at the Evolution of Conjugal Visits

Eight states allow prison inmates conjugal visits, and only two of those states allow them for homosexual inmates. Should prisoners–including convicted killers–be allowed to have sex with their spouses while incarcerated?

Is a Killer Targeting Gay Men in New York?

Three gay men have been murdered in New York City in recent weeks. Authorities believe the victims may have met their killers online, and City Councilman Daniel Dromm is urging those in the gay community to “exercise extreme caution while dating.”

Transgender Inmates in American Prisons: Is the Michelle Kosilek Case a Precedent for Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Slowly, but surely, the government has been implementing laws and lifting bans so the LGBT community are seen as equals in society, but what happens when a transgender inmate wants a gender-reassignment surgery while behind bars?

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