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Summer Fun: The Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour

A group in Milwaukee is offering guided tours of the hunting grounds of one of America’s most notorious, revolting and compelling serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal. Dahmer was convicted of the murders of 15 boys and men, whom raped, killed, dismembered and ate. When he was arrested, police found his apartment full of decomposing human remains.

Judge Rejects Deal in Toxic Butt-Injection Case

On June 25, 2013, a judge rejected a plea deal in the case of transgender woman Ron Oneal Morris, who is facing charges of practicing medicine illegally. Morris allegedly posed as a doctor and administered a number of cosmetic butt injections. The injections contained Fix-a-Flat, mineral oil and super glue, and left the recipients ill and disfigured.

A Year Later, Shooting of Texas Teen Couple Remains Unsolved

This Sunday marked one year since Portland, Texas, couple Mollie Olgin, 19, and Mary Kristene Chapa, 18, were shot by an unidentified gunman in Violet Andrews Park. Despite an influx of leads, no suspect has been apprehended in the shooting.

Patrick W. Kearney and The Trash Bag Murders

In El Paso, Texas, 35 years ago, Kearney with his partner Hill, entered the Riverside County sheriff’s office and confessed to a string of 21 murders. Pointing to a "Wanted" poster with their pictures on it he said, "We’re them."

Joseph Banis Gets Life for the Murder of James Carroll

Joseph Banis was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for the December 2009 murder of his drug dealer and sexual rival James Carroll, who was stabbed and shot during a drug-fueled ménage à trois with Banis and his ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Mundt.

Kaushal Niroula and the Gay Grifters

These hustlers allegedly followed their charismatic, would-be prince, Kaushal Niroula, to affinity scams, blackmail and ultimately to the murder of Clifford Lambert, who was reported missing by a friend on December 7, 2008.

Joseph Banis, Jeffrey Mundt and the Murder of James Carroll

When a meth-and-gay-sex binge turned violent it left one man dead. The men he’d allegedly been selling drugs to buried him in their wine cellar — but they each insist it was the other one who committed the murder.

The CeCe McDonald Story: Was She Fighting Back or Committing Murder?

In June, 2011, transgender woman CeCe McDonald and her friends were walking past a bar, when a group of patrons smoking outside shouted anti-gay slurs at them. A fight ensued, which left a man dead and CeCe with a deep gash on her cheek. CeCe was charged with his murder and, if found guilty at trial, faced 40 years in men’s prison. She took plea deal and continues to receive outpourings of support from the LGBT community.

Are Those Who Use The ‘Gay Panic Defense’ Homosexual Themselves?

The so-called “gay panic” defense has been used in trials that involve the murder or assault of a gay person by someone who acted violently in response to the victim’s alleged advances.

Andrew Cunanan: After Me, Disaster

On April 26, 1997, Andrew Cunanan flew to Minneapolis "to finish some business." The next day his notorious killing spree, which would claim the lives of five people including famous designer Gianni Versace, began.