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Today in Crime History: Robert ‘Bob’ Berdella Dies of Heart Attack

On October 8, 1992, Bob Berdella died in prison. Active for four years, the Kansas City Butcher had raped, tortured and murdered six men, but only served only four years behind bars. Some think he was poisoned, but for lack of any evidence, cause of death is listed as natural causes.

Today in Crime History: Highway Killer Larry Eyler Arrested

On September 30, 1983, Eyler was arrested and incriminating evidence seized. In December, however, his lawyer had it all suppressed, leaving this serial killer of men and boys free to keep on killing.

Disturbing First Hand Account of An Encounter with Serial Killer Randy Kraft

Randy Kraft was a serial killer active from 1972 to 1983. He is believed to have killed anywhere from 13-67 males, though he was convicted of 16 murders. Many of his victims were former U.S. Marines, like the author of this chilling account, Jay Roberts, who only recently realized that one of the nicest guys he ever met was Randy Kraft.

John Laubach: Death of a Chelsea Businessman

A lower Manhattan businessman with a zest for life is found dead in his apartment — bound, gagged and robbed. He’d had two interesting habits, one more risky than the other: walking around with his pet cockatoo, and meeting younger men who carried an aura of danger.

Lesbian Love Triangle Leaves Brandy Stevens-Rosine Dead

A lesbian couple in Pennsylvania has admitted to burying a young, vibrant woman alive in a shallow grave.

The Depraved Crimes of Dean Corll

Did this closet homosexual really kill 27 boys or was he the victim of drugged up young men who took advantage of his generosity? This is the true story of treachery, torture, mutilation and murder.

The Unsolved Case of the Doodler

In the 1970s, a serial killer targeted San Francisco’s gay men. Nicknamed the Doodler because he sketched portraits of his victims to strike up conversation, this forgotten murderer was never caught, largely because those in the gay community refused to talk.

Today in Crime History: Jeffrey Dahmer is Arrested

On July 22, 1991, police found a dazed Tracy Edwards wandering the streets with one hand cuffed. He told them of being drugged and nearly killed in a house of horrors. The officers investigated; all was fine until they found a human head in the fridge. Dahmer was arrested, his rampage ended.

VIDEO: The Interrogation of Brandon Teena

Nebraska trangender man Brandon Teena (born Teena Brandon) was raped by John Lotter and Tom Nissen in 1993. When he went to report the rape to police, he was met by intense grilling from Sheriff Charles Laux, who refused to prosecute the men due to lack of evidence despite Teena’s testimony. Several days later, Teena was murdered, along with two others, by Nissen and Lotter.

Six Creepy Dudes Arrested in Park Pervert Roundup

Police in Clark County, Indiana, are really cracking down on woodland creepers. This month, six men have been arrested on suspicion of soliciting sexual favors in the county’s parks.