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Letters from David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz

Crime Library’s Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. In the latest in our series, Noe shows us her letters with David Berkowitz.

Why I write to prisoners: An author’s correspondence with notable inmates

Crime writer Denise Noe discusses why she writes letters to famous inmates like Charles Manson, Eric Rudolph and Carlton Michael Gary.

My Correspondence with Eric Rudolph

Crimelibrary writer Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. This week we have letters written to Noe from Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph. We learn that his views haven’t changed much and that he doesn’t seem to have a lot of regrets either.

Here’s the Christmas card that Betty Broderick sent us writer Denise Noe writes to prisoners and they often write her Christmas cards. Here’s one from Betty Broderick.

Charlie Manson sent us these Xmas cards writer Denise Noe has been getting holiday greetings from Charlie Manson for the last couple years. Would you like to see what a Charlie Manson Christmas card looks like? We thought so.

A Very Special Thanksgiving Letter From the Columbus Stocking Strangler

Our very own Denise Noe has maintained a correspondence with Carlton Michael Gary, the Columbus Stocking Strangler. Last year, he drew her an adorable Thanksgiving turkey.

Letters from Prison: Pamela Smart writes’s Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. Today, Pamela Smart writes us describing what it’s like inside solitary confinement.

Charles Manson Writes’s Denise Noe writes prisoners and they write her back. For the latest in our series, Denise wrote a poem and sent it to Charlie Manson. Well, he had all kinds of things to say about it and more, including this gem: “I broke no laws. I make the laws.”

The Prison Letters from Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme

This installment of letters from prison is from Manson family member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme while she was serving her sentence. Though she was a Manson follower, she is best known for attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Fromme was released in 2009.

Letters to Prison: Betty Broderick Writes

In the latest in our Letters to Prison series, Denise Noe writes To Betty Broderick and Betty writes back. What surprises us is how her emotions still run hot after all these years.

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