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Slideshow: The weirdest wills ever

Some left their considerable fortune to their pets, others asked to be contacted after death, and one man requested burial in a Pringles can. A look in photos at some of the strangest last wishes on record.

Most famous cases: The insanity defense

On January 26, 1996, eccentric, crazed and paranoid millionaire John du Pont drove to the home of Olympic gold medalist David Schultz, who lived on du Pont’s estate, and killed him while his horrified wife watched. Armed to the teeth du Pont was able to hold off police for days. Even so his insanity defense failed.

Slideshow: The famous, foreclosed

No one is immune from financial hardship in this tough economy.

Video: How to make a citizen’s arrest — and how not to

Ever wonder how to make a citizen’s arrest? It’s not just dangerous, but is also actually more complicated than you’d think, and now even illegal in some jurisdictions.

Does it ever make sense to defend oneself in court?

Since 1975, Americans have had right to represent oneself in court. To do it, you just have to be deemed competent by the trial judge. But it is a good idea? We look at the most famous self-defense cases and the results. Before you do it, read this.

Slideshow: Top 10 weirdest lawsuits

Ten lawsuits that prove you can pretty much sue anyone for anything.

18 laws you never knew existed

Sporting Truck Nutz could get you in trouble, as could breaking these other bizarre laws.

Alabama Rep Re-Introduces Bill to Castrate Sex Offenders

Alabama Rep. Steve Hurst (R-Munford) has re-introduced a bill that would legalize the castration of sex offenders over the age of 21, convicted of molesting children under 12, and make the sex offender pay for the procedure.

Twelve Legal Terms Every Crime Buff Should Know

Felony murder, mayhem, Corpus Delicti, and others; ever wonder what they mean? Here’s a quick and handy reference for everyone, along with some high-profile cases that relate.

VIDEO: Man Pulled Over for Traffic Stop Schools Cop on the Law

Does Washington State allow police to use unmarked cars for traffic stops? There is disagreement. A man recently pulled over by a cop in an unmarked car lets the officer know exactly who is in violation of the law — the judge agreed and threw out the ticket.

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