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Slideshow: Making the news, anchors in irons

The familiar faces that deliver your news and weather find themselves in the media spotlight.

Slideshow: Model trouble

Catwalks, catfights, killings and anything but model behavior.

Slideshow: Psychics arrested, they should have seen it coming

Famous psychic Sylvia Browne has been in the news for giving a hideously wrong prediction regarding missing woman Amanda Berry. Browne won’t face charges for duping people, but here are some psychics who did. In retrospect, they really should have seen it coming.

Slideshow: Wrestling with the Law

Pro wrestlers’ tussle with the law.

Slideshow: Unruly Heirs Arrested

Heirs under arrest. The idle rich are hard to entertain.

Slideshow: Schoolteachers in the Slam

Teachers’ entanglements with the law.

Slideshow: Courtney Love’s Legal Troubles

Singer, actress and plastic-surgery success story, Love, has had her share of legal troubles too, and has responded to them with more than her share of bizarre courtroom antics.

The Adventures of Larry Flynt

Though the assassination attempt on Hustler magazine publisher Flint left him in chronic excruciating pain, it did nothing to dampen his enthusiasm for outrageous court battles allegedly fought in the name of the First Amendment.

Celebrity Chefs in Hot Water

In our time chefs have gone from living in relative obscurity to living in the limelight. With fame comes fortune and mugshots, and we’re here to keep tabs on who’s getting in the soup.

Slideshow: Porn Stars’ Predicaments

Porn stars and their run-ins with the law.