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Slideshow: Problem parents

The legal troubles of celebrities’ parents.

Case of man who texted unsolicited photo of his tattooed penis disimissed

The case of a man who texted a woman an unwanted photo of his genitals tattooed with STRONG E nuf 4 A MAN BUT Made 4 A WOMAN, was dismissed because he sent the photo electronically, not by mail. For those of you now planning to get all crazy with the photos, this decision only applies in Georgia.

Lawyers who got arrested

A collection of attorneys who landed themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Slideshow: Strange Brew

Is beer-label art protected under the First Amendment? Breweries say yes, some states say no.

Crime Library’s Super Bowl breakdown

With Super Bowl XLVIII pitting the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos nearly upon us, it seems like the perfect time to break down the teams Crime Library-style. No predictions, mind you, just all the legal troubles, arrests and shenanigans.

Slideshow: A Controversial Christmas

‘Tis the season of celebration, gift giving — and public relations mayhem.

Slideshow: Stripper trouble

Interesting cases of strippers who got in trouble by the law.

Slideshow: Making the news, anchors in irons

The familiar faces that deliver your news and weather find themselves in the media spotlight.

Slideshow: Model trouble

Catwalks, catfights, killings and anything but model behavior.

Slideshow: Unruly Heirs Arrested

Heirs under arrest. The idle rich are hard to entertain.

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