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Bar association not amused by criminal lawyer’s-tongue-in-cheek ad

The video shows alleged perpetrators holding wads of cash, and free to commit crimes, thanking lawyer Daniel Muessig, with a cheery “Thanks Dan!” Then Muessig makes his pitch, with gems like”Trust me, I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal” and “Did I mention I’m Jewish?”

On This Day in Crime History: Clarence Gideon is Sentenced

A 1961 a robbery in Florida resulted in the arrest of small-time criminal Clarence Gideon. Too poor to afford a lawyer he represented himself. Gideon received the maximum sentence on August 27, giving him time to study the law, and file the criminal case that led to an accused person’s right to legal representation.

Man Allegedly Planned to Kill a Lawyer and Frame the Cat

Cat lovers around the globe are thankful to Illinois authorities, who may just have prevented the perfect murder, saved the life of a presumed-innocent feline and convicted a budding criminal mastermind in the process.

Attorney Suspended for Billing for Sexual Encounters With Client

Thomas Lowe, an attorney from Eagan, Minn., had an affair, which won’t help him win any awards for good character, but is not illegal. The affair, however, was with a woman he had known for many years that he was representing in a divorce case, whom he billed for the time he spent sexing her up.

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